Are Floor Gyms, Activity Gyms And Play Gyms One And The Same

Parents who wonder if floor gyms, activity gyms, play gyms and play mats are one and the same. The answer is pretty simple the first four are almost very similar. They are just different names given by different manufacturers. Nevertheless, play mats are entirely different. It is very easy to differentiate a play mate from baby activity gym. Having said there are some manufacturers who take their customers for ride by misleading them with play mat as play gym or the other way round. Hence, it is advised that the customers deal them with a hawk activity gym

Which Is The Perfect Place For The Babies To Play

It is a well-known fact that play mat and play gym serve pretty the same. They serve the same purpose. They serve the clean, safe and soft surface that is required for the babies to lie on or play. Play mats are available in two different kinds. They are padded fabric and interlocking foam tiles. There are many more types but these two are supposed to be the best. There are varieties of attractive spade mat designs available that even amazes the customers.

These mats come in different shapes such as rectangular, square, circular, oval and to attract the little ones even elephant and giraffe shaped are also available. Some of play mats which are available in the market are imitated ones. There are made up of fabric cushion for the babies to lie on. In the case of well-known play mats make sure they well placed pads which support for recreation, exploration or learning.

By and large fabric mats are specially designed for little babies while others can be used as the babies grow to certain age. These fabric mats can be used as mini sofas which the babies would enjoy thoroughly. It is a well-known fact that foam tiles play mats are available only in packs. Parents may buy as many required or even cover the entire floor. These mats can be moved from one place to another or left at any particular place. The babies’ tiny hands and minds shall always be pre-occupied as some of these mats are designed with sound, lights, letters and many other things.